The Islesford Dock Gallery 

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The Islesford Dock Gallery opens their season with ‘Small Considerations’, an exhibition of some Henry’s smaller scale favorites. A show of twenty-five canvasses that started out in Henry’s back pack, sketched out on boats, and in piazzas from Maine to Vermont, to Spain, Italy, France and Africa.

River Valley, Sicily,
oil on canvas, 8x10"

Their dimensions are small compared to his usual work, 8 x 8 to 18 x 24, but the iconic Isaacs’ skies and bold use of paint and color are present. These “small considerations” will open large vistas for you to experience.

View over Casco Bay, from the Eastern Promenade,
oil on canvas, 8x8"

View over Casco Bay, from the Eastern Promenade 2,
oil on canvas, 8x8"